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Vendor Information

Are you a food vendor interested in selling food at our festival?  Perhaps, you are a retail vendor who would like to sell your homemade crafts, jewelry, candle products, soaps, toys, fashion accessories, etc.?  If you are, please download the applicable vendor application and submit prior to the deadline.  We can't wait to see you at the festival!

The food vendor application deadline is March 20, 2023.

The retail vendor application deadline is March 25, 2023.

NOTE: This year we will NOT be providing any electricity.  You may bring one generator if necessary.

If you have any questions, you may contact Starr Warson (559) 793-8112 or Esteban Velasquez (559) 788-8545 or email

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Vendor FAQ's:

1.  Where do I park my vehicle for unloading?

 Vendors may bring vehicles to Ono Parkway street between 7:00 - 8:00 AM.  Enter from Sequoia St on the west side of the park. All vendors may park in the Lindsay Memorial Building parking lot (775 N. Elmwood Ave, Lindsay, CA 93247).  All vehicles must move to parking area immedicately after unloading.

2.  What time may I start setting up my booth?

 Vendors may arrive and set-up between 7AM and 8:00AM on the day of the event.  All vehicles must move to the parking area (775 N. Elmwood Elmwood Ave, Lindsay,CA 93247)  immediately after unloading.

3.  Will electricity, canopies, tables, water, dollies, etc be provided for me?

No, vendors are to provide all of their own equipment, including a small power generator if needed.

4.  Where is my booth located?

 Your booth location will be available here on the OBF website.  (Available late March)

5.  How much does a booth cost?

 Download the applicable vendor (retail or food) application above to see what the fees are.  Retail and vendor fees are different.

6.  What time do I need to be ready for operation?

 Vendors need to be ready for operation by 10:00AM.

7.  What time is do I need to leave?

All equipment and displays must leave no later than 5:00pm on the day of the event.

8.  Who do I make my check payable to?

 Lindsay Kiwanis

9.  How do I submit my vendor application?

 Two delivery methods:

       Hand deliver to: 202 S. Mirage, Lindsay, CA 93247 (Mon - Thurs, 8:00AM-5:00PM)

       Mail to: Lindsay Kiwanis

                      PO Box 996

                      Lindsay, CA 93247

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