About Us

Lindsay OBF Foundation 501(c)(3)

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The Lindsay OBF Foundation is a tax-exempt corporation that promotes the Orange Blossom week, its festivities, and honorees. It is composed of a board of 5 members, who oversee the duties of numerous committees and their volunteers. If you are interested in being apart of any of the committees please email: lindsayobf@gmail.com

Meet Our Board Members

Danny Salinas.jpeg

Danny Salinas


Jayne Denni .jpeg

Jayne Denni

Vice President

Kathy Rivas.jpeg

Kathy Rivas


Diane Hernandez.jpeg

Diane Hernandez


Hope Poteet.jpeg

Hope Poteet

Board Member

Meet our Committee Chairpersons

Back (L-R): Danny Salinas (President), Lisa Salinas (Queen and Court), Kathy Rivas (secretary), Hope Poteet (Board Member), Jayne Denni (Board Member), Jason Bond (Concessions), and Starr Warson (Concessions)

Bottom: (L-R): Nicole Chavez (treasurer), Maryann Bolanos (Bake-off), Diane Hernandez (board member), Frances Loyd (t-shirts), and Paula Dunbar (Queen's coronation).

Not pictured: Stephanie Velasquez (Queen's Coronation), Virginia Loya (Entertainment), Megan Salinas (social media), Kristen Waggoner (Parade), Gabriela Munoz (Parade/Queen's Photography)

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